Stephen King’s Bangor

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While vacationing in Maine this last weekend, I decided to take a few hours and visit a town I’ve wanted to visit since I was thirteen years old – Bangor – or as I always knew it – Derry.


Bangor is where Stephen King has lived since the 1980s and the real town is the basis for the fictional town of Derry – which features in famous King novels such as Bag of Bones, 11/22/63, Dreamcatcher, The Tommyknockers, Insomnia and of course It (whose original title was actually “Derry”)


So I did some research online and figured out the places I wanted to visit.



My first stop – Stephen King’s house.


No he was not home.  He has several homes – and seeing how many people congregate outside his house to take photos and be annoying (yes – I’m a hypocrite) I would think he stays at one of the others more often than this one.


According to the internet, the storm drain that inspired the one in It – where Pennywise pulls Georgie’s arms off – was located right around the corner.


Nothing too exciting – but I still didn’t want to get too close for fear of this guy popping out at me.



A short walk through some eerie woods….


…takes you too the Derry Standpipe!


This is where Stan first encounters It (in the form of drowned children) and the Standpipe later gets destroyed in the great storm of 1985.

It features in Dreamcatcher when Mr. Grey tries to infect the water supply – but doesn’t realize that it’s no longer in use.  In that novel, the Standpipe has been vandalized with graffiti reading “Pennywise Lives” and I walked around it twice praying that someone had actually put that on there in real life – but no.  If I had brought a sharpie, I would have written it on.


I hopped back in my car and drove to the edge of town.


Where I discovered the Barrens.

This place features heavily in the novel as it is where The Losers Club hangs out the most.


I searched for 29 Neibolt Street – and the internet said the house still exists – but all I found there was a gas station – so I guess they need to update.


One more stop before heading out.


The Derry Civic Center.

Now – the original Civic Center was destroyed in the flood of ’85 – the new one was designed by none other than Ben Hanscomb.

The building is a major plot point in the novel Insomnia – this is where Ed Deepneau plans to crash his plane to kill one young boy – Patrick Danville – who of course plays a big part in the climax of The Dark Tower.

And right in front of the Civic Center is the famous Paul Bunyan statue.


This statue comes to life in It and attacks Richie both as a kid and adult.


So there you have it, folks – my quick little adventure in Stephen King’s Derry.

(Next vacation – I’m finding Hogwarts!)



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3 Responses to “Stephen King’s Bangor”

  1. Kris

    Thanks for all the photos and info! Stephen King is my favorite author. I’ve always wanted to go to Bangor. Have you seen Under The Dome? They did a pretty good job following the book.

    • Chris Maccagnano

      You should go! It’s a nice city.
      I’ve seen the first four episodes of Under the Dome. It’s PRETTY good – but doesn’t have the excitement and momentum of the book unfortunately…

  2. Kris’re right about Under the Dome. But they added another season I think that’s why they’re stretching it out

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