Top Ten Reasons to Hire Anthem Entertainment

  1. I take the worry out of the music for your wedding.
    I plan with you in advance and I assist in coordinating the event, so things run smoothly on your special day.
  2. I specialize in Weddings that are elegant AND fun.
    I’ve done hundreds of weddings — they constitute 90 percent of my business.
  3. I give you my undivided, personal attention.
    I treat each wedding like it is my most important event. I give you the personalized attention you deserve from the moment you hire me. All emails and phone calls will be returned within 24 hours.
  4. I customize the music for your affair.
    I play the styles and songs you and your guests want to hear. Equally important, I avoid the styles and songs you don’t want.
  5. My style is classy and tasteful.
    I am not one of those cheesy, annoying, tacky DJs.
  6. I know how to talk on-mic, and when NOT to.
    I make any announcements you want me to in a clear, friendly, and professional voice. Beyond that, I don’t chatter on the microphone.
  7. My music sounds great.
    I use high-quality, professional sound systems and play music at a comfortable volume — never louder than you want it to be.
  8. I dress appropriately for the occasion.
    At your wedding I am well groomed and properly attired. I will do my best to match your party’s color scheme.
  9. I’m ready to go on-time, every time, the whole time.
    I arrive at least an hour early, and I’m ready when it’s time for the entertainment to begin. I take no breaks so the music never stops.
  10. I never “bait-and-switch”.
    I never overbook your date and send a substitute DJ. I’ll be there for you every step of the way.
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